Thursday, 26 September 2013

Can not find any update image - android tablet upgrade alldro 2 coby MID 8024

This is about updating the Allview Alldro 2 (not Speed!) unsupported by Allview, piece of crap tablet. It is also known as Coby/Kyros MID8024 in US.

A bit about the tablet
- the resistive touch display is really... resistive to touch.
- the wireless connection is a massive piece of crap! What's the point having a tablet if, after you unlock the screen, it takes one minute until it gets connected to the wifi network? My current computer with SSD is booting and connecting much faster, so I'd say it's a major design fault and such product shouldn't be launched on the market.
- the pre-installed applications are crap and the promised access to the application store of Allview turned into bollocks as there is no such store.
- it connects to Google Play but Google doesn't know what the heck it is (!), therefore anything you try to install is "unsupported for your device". The solution is to find .apks for everything you need (e.g. skype, ym, players, etc). The elegant solution is to use Aptoide.
- the battery worn out in about 3 weeks and didn't hold for web browsing more than 10 minutes.
- the charging process was dubious from the very first beginning (e.g. the blue led is showing is 100% charged but when turned on it is only 60%; and other inconsistencies like this)
- The user support is non-existent. I tried to contact them about the charging issue and they didn't bother.
- The android updates were only one (ver 2.3 from ver 2.2). Then the product was considered completely unimportant and couldn't be found anymore on allview's website.

In a word, it's an emblematic Chinese product sold by a Romanian company that manages to add software issues to the built-in hardware issues. Besides, it is not cheap for this quality at all (about 200USD).
Nowadays, sure there are other better tablets on the market since the release of this old monster, and I can see allview selling about a dozen!
However I'll stay away from allview due to the fact they put on the market such a faulty product in the first place, they didn't have the common sense to answer their support request emails and then tried to erase any history of this tablet like it never existed.

This doesn't mean that I'd go for iPAD either, the highly overpriced snob choice.
I just keep hoping that one day, some company, will fill the midrange gap with a Linux tablet that would allow you access to the really free applications market and not the google regulated one.

Now about updating it
I found two update alternatives, one coming from Coby, one from a guy named Steev that apparently started from Coby's rom (despite the fact Steev says that rom is for MID7024 it worked well on Alldro2 i.e. MID8024).
I have tried them both to replace the Android 2.3 that allview provided for us a while ago.

My main objective was to get rid of "Films" stock application unexpectedly stopping (and returning no error whatsoever) when watching some online television streams.

The Coby's official ROM didn't impress me. Instead of quitting to the browser it the stream got stalled every 10 seconds for about 10 seconds, so not much of an improvement.

Steev's ROM is ok, and I got rid of interruption after installing Wondershare media application that can play various stream types and is more stable than anything stock.

It is very possible that Wondershare application solved my problem and not the ROM update but what's done is done. Besides Steev's ROM looks cooler and is rooted which is better anyway.

Can not find any update image - error message
During the process I have encountered several times "Can not find any update image" after restarting the tablet in update mode (Round metal button + Power button).
Nobody on the internet seemed to have a clue and all indicated that the SD card should be reformatted FAT32, replaced I or suggested that the users are stupid enough not to understand that they should unzip the files in SD's root.
I tried all these and various ROMs, same situation.

The solution was to use a SD card of 1 GB (I tried before with 4GB and another one of 16GB). This is the only good thing that came from allview on an old webpage with update instructions for upgrading to android 2.3. They said there: SD card should be of 1GB or less capacity. And they were right for once!

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