Friday, 26 March 2010

XP Pro install using AHCI

Well, the internet is pretty much full of this subject, even so I spent 2 hours to solve this. Because information is a bit outdated. So here is my very brief version:

1. Download AHCI drivers from Intel
I needed XP professional, english so got:
/eng/iata96enu.exe If you need something else or link is no longer available try to find your drivers at:

2. THIS TOOK ME MUCH TO FIND-OUT HOW: extract the drivers from the iata96enu.exe like this (in the command prompt line):
c:\> iata96enu.exe -a -p c:\drivers

3. Follow the excellent instructions (even with pictures!) from but adapt them to your Intel drivers already extracted in our step 2.

It worked for me this way. And, it wasn't a matter of installing windows in IDE compatible mode (from BIOS) and then changing it to ahci after installing Windows and the drivers from Intel.
The stupid laptop I had to install wasn't running at all in IDE mode! Not even booting the CD. It just freezed...
Btw, it's a Emachines E525.

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