Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Microsoft has solid software... literally!

One of the companies I had in my care started to think that maybe they should invest some money in M$ licenses, that their world will be simpler after, so they called M$ specialists to convince them.

We are talking about an NGO with 6 people from which only 3 are involved in projects and only one is a spare time project manager. They all had Office 2003 at the time.

It was an "interesting" experience, to see the M$ ties coming and trying their regular marketing bullshit about "productivity", "seamless integration" and alike, on my managers.
They planned for me to upgrade my server, that has the only role of hosting one share to the users. They wanted to replace my Debian + Samba, with their Windows 2008 server and a Project Management server on top of it that goes well with all the Office 2010 installations.

Are you kidding me? For 6 users in an NGO that has nothing to do with big projects?

Well, they did succeed renting one year Office 2010 to my users; they got sick of it and discover there is no real benefit for them, only lost money. The new servers implementation was left for stage two and thanks God it never happened, as my users actually ended the leasing contract

Few weeks after ending the contract, we got this letter from Microsoft asking us to destroy the CDs and DVDs and sign a form that we did!

This made me think how can I comply better with their legitimate request, and here is what I come up with:

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