Sunday, 2 December 2012

The perfect laptop backpack...

... has not been created yet.

The "almost perfect" laptop backpack was my last Targus. But somehow they decided to discontinue it and trash its features instead of just adding some new ones on.

This is a list of features I would love to have at my laptop backpack and cannot find them all at any on the market, so far. Backpack manufacturers, erm... take notes?
  • Secret pocket. My old Targus had one hiden in the lower back padding. Super super feature! Even I needed few month to find it :)
  • Cell/Mobile pocket on one of the brackets. You need to visually check you mobile to decide if you answer/call back/etc, right? Then why putting the mobile somewhere inside, where you cannot reach it it unless you take off the backpack? Old Targus had it.
  • Side pocket keychain. It's super to be able to reach the keys without taking off the backpack. Targus had it but I needed some practice to be able to reach and get the keys off the chain; still I managed to do it.
  • Outside bottom made of special fabric / plastic / lether / rubber. Targus had it made of a kind of plastic fabric and I didn't care if I put it down in muddy or wet areas because it was easy to wipe afterwards and completely water proof.
  • Laptop compartment access from the side. I would prefer to be able to take out/in the laptop without opening the round upper part zipper of the backpack. It would be much easier to be able to extract it through a side linear zipper (only the laptop not the charger, etc). This is the only feature missing from my old Targus but at the time I bought it was not "invented". Now I can see some models on the market having this nice feature.
  • Some obvious and very common features: External side pocket for bottles (even one on each side). Padded back, straps, and laptop compartment. Diveded interiors with various mesh/non mesh pockets and zippers. Most of the backpacks have these anyway.
This is a message in a bottle. If you bump into this post and I am still alive, I would appreciate if you could send me the link to the backpack model that meets all of the above requirements.

God bless your back(pack)!

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